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Flying First Class Gel Polish


$ 290.00

Flying First Class Gel Polish

We couldn't release a summer polish line without an absolutely stunning hot pink holographic! Fair warning: you may get too many compliments on this brighter-than-life hot pink! In the shade it’s gorgeous, in the sun - it’s holographic bits bring it to life! Your summer will not be complete until you try our all new shade of summer-ready hot pink!

wait to share it with you! Not only is it gorgeous for fingers - it is perfection on toe nails too.

  • Cures under Regular UV/LED light at around 60 seconds (check your lamp for specific curing times)
  • First-day shine lasts up to 4 weeks when properly applied
  • Be sure to cap your tips for ultimate long-lasting wear
  • To soak-off: score surface with file and wrap nail with acetone soaked cotton and foil
  • 5-FREE